Above, one of three mounds at the Seneca Meadows Landfill in Waterloo, NY, as seen from the west side of Seneca Lake approximately eight miles away (through a telephoto lens). Credit: Kevin Colton, HWS.

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EPA Region Map
EPA Region Map

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Odell's Pond Might be So Gross

That's why. It's a little tough to see because the picture quality isn't the best (I didn't feel like walking on the pond) but there's a lot of crap sitting on top of the ice. Those little indentations that look like footprints? Some of them are indeed footprints. But most of them are indentations with beer bottles in them. And there's a case of beer sitting there... and I think there's a chair sticking out of the ice too. I could go around the entire pond taking multiple picture of all the garbage that cover the ice and the plants around the outside, but that would be a waste of your time.
Residents of Odell's and any visitors always look at the pond when its not frozen over and wonder if a mutant fish/crab/turtle/zombie monster could spring out of it at any moment. Well I think I've found part of the problem. Maybe we should just petition the school for a name change. "The Village at Odell's Dump" sounds more apropos.

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