Above, one of three mounds at the Seneca Meadows Landfill in Waterloo, NY, as seen from the west side of Seneca Lake approximately eight miles away (through a telephoto lens). Credit: Kevin Colton, HWS.

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EPA Region Map
EPA Region Map

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walking survey of Geneva Litter

Today I was walking from my room at 380 South Main St. to the Bristol Field house to play some squash, and decided to pick up any garbage I came across. I walked a different route back to 380, and I ended up with far more litter than I expected to find. On a 1.8 mile loop, I found the following:
  • 3 pieces wet cardboard
  • 3 pieces dry cardboard
  • 2 plastic wrappers
  • 1 plastic cup
  • 1 styrofoam cup
  • 1 paper coffee cup (full/frozen)
  • 1 McDonalds large fry container
  • 1 piece white paper
  • 1 fake carnation
Needless to say, in the seemingly small and clean town of Geneva, there is still a fair amount of litter in and around the streets. While this sample is hardly comprehensive or complete - the route was random both there and back - it gives a good idea of how much littering still happens in this day and age.

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