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Sunday, February 20, 2011


After checking out the labels on the Naked Juice containers I came across this statement on the side saying how this bottle was made with 100% recycled materials. Their reNEWabottles are made with renewable polyethylene terephthalate which supports this idea of having plastic be used again , again and again instead of being recycled just once. I thought this was really interesting because we always here about how important it is to recycle and this just shows what good can come out of it. By switching over to these bottles, Naked saves 7.5 million pounds of plastic a year which eliminates 12,700 cubic meters of landfill space! Reduce, reuse, recycle and now reincarnate

For more about how Naked Juices is trying to reduce their carbon footprint, check out their website: http://www.nakedjuice.com/#GetToKnowUs/Details/Sustainability/Renewabottle/RenewabottleShell/Overview

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  1. Check to see to what extent the bottle is indeed reincarnated, though. All plastics, I believe, are actually "down-cycled" - that is, they're reincarnated as a lower life form on the plastics hierarchy. So while Category 1 plastics are generally readily recyclable, my guess is that the Naked bottle doesn't have a Number 1 stamped on the bottom. Prove me wrong and I'll call a chemist.