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Sunday, February 20, 2011

What We do In Sill

So last week I over heard a conversation about composting (or lack of) that goes on in small houses. I currently am living in Sill house or the Greens House and we have all three types of bins (recycling, composting, and trash). Many people might claim that composting smells and is just more work then its worth here on campus. I don't buy the "it smells bad argument" as the trash will smell just as bad if you throw the "stuff" in there instead. Also I haven't found this to be the case. There is rarely any smell and if there is a house member is assigned to take it out. Also, at the end of every week we just take the compost out (We empty it in the blue bin behind Saga) when we go shopping. This makes it really easy and we don't even have to carry it across campus as we are driving that way anyway. In a house of twelve people we generally fill the bin, which is the size of a regular residential kitchen trash can, in about a week. The recycling and the trash are generally emptied every day by the cleaning staff, although sometimes it takes three or four days to fill the trash.
For those of you that live in small houses, I would definitely recommend starting a compost as its easy and becomes just a part of life.

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