Above, one of three mounds at the Seneca Meadows Landfill in Waterloo, NY, as seen from the west side of Seneca Lake approximately eight miles away (through a telephoto lens). Credit: Kevin Colton, HWS.

EPA Region Map

EPA Region Map
EPA Region Map

Monday, February 28, 2011

Road trip: PCBs and Solar Landfills

     This morning, I was driving from Boston to Geneva on 90.  I passed so many garbage trucks that I lost count.  I wondered how many of them were headed to the same places that I was.  As I was passing the trucks, I heard two interesting stories on NPR about garbage in Mass.
     First, there is a problem in the Berkshires with PBCs dumped into a river (by GE).  The town is in the process of making GE clean up their mess.  The second story was about using landfills to generate energy... in a new way.  In addition to providing methane, landfills are high and flat.  They can't support vegetation (in fear of penetrating the lining) so they are a perfect place to put solar panels.  They were talking about turning a few Mass brown fields into solar farms to generate sustainable energy and revenue for the town.

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