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EPA Region Map

EPA Region Map
EPA Region Map

Monday, April 4, 2011

Patagonia's footprint

While stumbling around Patagonia's website, I came across their Footprint Chronicles page which goes in depth about how they do business and shows what various production methods used for a wide assortment of their clothes. Patagonia has always been an environmentally conscious and the transparency of their company really shows this. I decided to follow the production of their R2 Synchilla jacket. It begins with design in California, moves to recycled fiber production in North Carolina, and then on to fabric manufacturing in New Hampshire by Polartec. Assembly is done in Columbia, and final distribution in Nevada. The company even talks about their recycling program Common Threads, where overused unwearable jackets are recycled in Japan. Patagonia claims that the jacket it is made with over 60 percent recycled content, as well as that only 8 oz of production waste is produced per jacket, form origin as fiber to final sewing.
The website is really interesting and has a lot more information about their commitment to the environment. By reducing their production waste, they reduce the footprint left in the environment.

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